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Vibrations on brake

If you feel vibrations on your car when you brake the car then you can check-out the brake pads because there might be some issue. If you don’t find the reason then you can call “Magnetic Flux” you will find a specialized car mechanic who will inspect the issue and fix it on the spot.  

After analysing that your car brake pads need to be replaced you can let us know dialling our contact number. We will replace the pads and discs on the spot wherever you are stuck. You would be driving your car after a few minutes from the time we start our work on your car brakes. We have certified car mechanics that would surely meet your expectations and demands within the shortest time using the right tools & equipment. Call us now-

Are you searching for the best brake replacement services in London? You are at the right place because Magnetic Flux is a leading and recognized car repair company. We are here for a long time offering exciting brake repair and replacement solutions using the latest tools & equipment. Our specialized technicians can deal with any sort of brakes, pas and discs. No matter what the issue is in your car brakes, we will detect the problem and fix it within no time. Whether you want in-door workshop service or door-step assistance for our brake repairs we will serve you with satisfactory services.

Normally we fix the following problems in car brakes that you might be currently facing.

  • Squealing, squeaking or grinding noises
  • Leakage of Brake Fluid
  • Stopping distance while Brakes applied
  • Brake lights on
  • Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal
  • Unwanted noises when brakes applied

Contact us and find the right solution of any of the above mentioned problems immediately with the help of our qualified and experienced car mechanics. We are always available to serve our valued clients wherever they ask us to come for our professional assistance. You will surely admire our excellent performance and the right solutions.

When to change brake pads and discs?

It is very easy to detect whether you need to replace your brake pads & discs or not. If you notice the following things in your car tyres then you might need quick brake replacement or the replacement for pads and discs in your car brakes.

Warning light

If your car has brake pad sensor then you can notice on your dashboard if the sensor light is alerting you to check the brakes or not. This sensor gives immediate alert if there is some issue with the brake pads or discs. So you can come to know that your brake needs attention. This formula is only applicable for the cars that are having brake pad sensor.

Visual check

It is very much important to check periodically whether your car brake pads need replacement or not. Normally you should check your brake pads after every 15000km if there is no brake pad sensor in your car. Your brake pads need to be replaced if they are visible to less than 3mm from the spokes of the car’s wheel.

Squealing noise

Normally the brakes make squealing noise especially while driving the car without cleaning the brakes or when the weather condition is not good and you are driving the car in rain. However, if brakes are making unusual high noise it means your brake pads need to be reviewed. They might need to be replaced because the brake makes such high noises due to issue with the brake pads and discs.


$ 49.99

  • Clutch and Gearbox
  • Brakes and Suspension
  • Electical Service
  • Wheel & Steering Checkup


$ 89.99

  • Clutch and Gearbox
  • Brakes and Suspension
  • Electical Service
  • Wheel & Steering Checkup